This is a short note of inspiration and reassurance for all aspirant horse riders, both young and old. Young kids who are smart and well-behaved enough to have use of the internet are still wondering why their good parents remain so hesitant. Apart from the perceived expense of taking you all out horse riding, they are concerned about your safety. But little did they know, and perhaps you are getting to know this already, it is all quite safe nowadays. The responsibility rests with your new trainer to use the safest horse jumps and horse jump cups possible.

Finding the right trainer, moms and dads, should no longer be too difficult. It is now down to finding an accredited school. Here is where you will have qualified trainers. Both they and their facilities will have been approved of by local specialist vets. And do look out for badges of honor related to some of the finest horse riding and championship event associations in the country. And yes, what about the expense. Afraid to say it, this could be expensive. But such is life. You would go a mile extra and pay a dollar extra for your child’s safety.

horse jump cups

As well as his happiness and wellbeing. Just think what you are doing for the child. You are setting himself up for life. What a good grounding, bringing the child in close contact with a fine animal. If a child can be taught to nurture friendship with an animal and respect it at all times, how much more then can be achieved in building good relationships with other adults later on in life. Once at the school, all is surely safe. The qualified trainer does not let horse and child out of his site.